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Anthropomorphic Jug.jpg
Fig. 5, Pottery face-jug; Kingston-type Ware; miniature anthropomorphic jug; green glaze; bearded face on neck; body has arms with hands touching beard; rod handle

Detail of three queens wearing crowns work with textiles, simulating what would happen in a tailor’s workshop. The first queen stands and spins wool. The middle queen is seated at a loom weaving. The third queen, also seated, embroiders a piece of…

Detail of King Solomon reading a book and wearing a brooch. Compared to the Virgin Mary in Figure 1, King Solomon's brooch is much less ornate, which was consistent with the idea that men wore less ornate and elaborate brooches then women. From BL,…

Detail from the Luttrell Psalter, showing a peasant laborer working with leather gloves on (British Library, Add MS 42130, f. 87v)

Medieval Dutch Glove.PNG
A nearly-contemporary Dutch workman's glove, showing similar construction, wear, and repairs

glove thumb stitching.jpg
Another angle of the glove at the Museum of London, showing in detail the stitching on the thumb and repairs made to the palm.

The Glove.jpg
A leather workman's glove used at a riverside labor site, probably in shipbuilding or dockwork. Shows signs of heavy wear; repaired with stitching.

A reconstruction by Chris Unwin, of what the London waterfront looked like during the late 13th to 14th century, in the Platagenet period. The timbers to the right of the picture are drawings of revetments

Shears picture 1 (1).jpg
Iron shears with two long blades and a circular knob at the end of their handle.

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A map showing excavation sites on the Thames, including Billingsgate (Big82)
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