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cain killing able.jpg
The picture shows Cain striking his brother Abel in the head with a spade, and killing him. The Morgan Library, Psalter-Hours of Guiluys de Boisleux, MS M.730 fol. 11r (after 1246).

Digging Man Manuscript.jpg
Detail from an illuminated manuscript that shows a man using a spade. St John's College, Cambridge, MS K.30 f.2r, showing the labor for the Month of March.

Spade Iron MOL.jpg
Iron blade from a spade (also known as a spade iron). Medieval spades had wooden blades, sometimes fitted with a separate iron edge. In 1356 the stock of an ironmonger, John Leche, in Cornhill, included a 'spadierne' (spade iron) and two 'augers'…

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Spade 1 MOL.jpg
This spade is carved from a single piece of ash, with a handle made probably of walnut. Found in Southwark in 1998.

tailor in action.jpg
A tailor working with a woman to tailor her gown. A pair of shears is on the table in front of him, which is often used in the tailoring process.

Picture of shears.png
A Tailor, dressed in an orange surcoat, using shears to cut out and shape a coat. From the Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary, British Library, MS Harley 6563, f. 65.

shearing 9.jpg
A woman shearing a sheep. From British Library, Harley 1892 f. 27v (c. 1475-1525)

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Shears picture 1 (1).jpg
Iron shears with two long blades and a circular knob at the end of their handle.

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Fig 2. Blacksmith.jpg
(Fig. 2) Detail of a blacksmith crafting a horseshoe. From BL Harley 6563 f.68v (c.1320-1330).

Steelyard balance.jpg
Steelyard balance
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