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Spade 1 MOL.jpg
This spade is carved from a single piece of ash, with a handle made probably of walnut. Found in Southwark in 1998.

Spanish Cuenca Tiles in Alcazar Gardens .JPG
Emperor Charles V's pavilion at the Alcazar Gardens in Sevile, Spain. A demonstration of the beauty of cuenca seca tiles and their popularity among the elite.

Spanish Tile On Display in Museum of London.JPG
The set ofcuenca secafloor tiles recovered from All Hallows Church, Lombard Street are displayed in the Medieval Gallery of the Museum of London. They are situated in a display highlighting the aretfacts of London's fine material culture in the Late…

Spanish Floor Tile- Museum of London.jpg
Floor tiles exemplified wealth and standing in medieval society and, while lacking inherent religious or spiritual value, were central parts of the embellishment of Christian religious ceremonies.This spanish floor tile exemplifies how these…

This stained glass was originally found at Westminster Abbey. It is a main-light panel possibly depicting a saint being stoned.

Carved Shield coat of arms.jpg
Given this shield's weight and material manufacture, it was likely used for decorative purposes. It could also have been part of a greater stone effigy.In the mid-1800s, when the Guildhall was being reconstructed, this artifact was discovered in the…
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