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cain killing able.jpg
The picture shows Cain striking his brother Abel in the head with a spade, and killing him. The Morgan Library, Psalter-Hours of Guiluys de Boisleux, MS M.730 fol. 11r (after 1246).

Digging Man Manuscript.jpg
Detail from an illuminated manuscript that shows a man using a spade. St John's College, Cambridge, MS K.30 f.2r, showing the labor for the Month of March.

Quern Illustration .jpg
Querns and millstones appear frequently in Biblical literature. This image is an illustration of a passage from the Book of Revelation where an angel throws a stone into the sea to symbolize destruction. Medieval sources, such as this manuscript,…

A drawing of the seal of St. Mary Magdalene Leper Hospital at Mile End. It depicts both Jesus and Mary beneath a canopy; Jesus is here portrayed as the savior of the Christians and Maryas the patron saint of lepers. The seal matrix which this drawing…

This royal charter granted by King Henry III was sealed with the King's Great Seal, which demonstrates one of the purposes of a seal: to authenticate documents by marking them with a symbol of high power, in this case, royal power. In this charter,…

Thirteenth-century detailed drawing of the City of London, as a part of the itinerary to Jerusalem. You can see the Wall in the foreground of the picture.

On f. 18v (not pictured) it reads: "A verry tratoroos Worke pretended to bee the answers to Peyres Plowman to the prynted interrogatores of alleageaunce. Butt in treuthe a Waye to instruct papists how to answer tratorooslye & defende the trators for…

London Games and 'Sicilian Games'.jpg
This manuscript dates between 1482 and 1485 and made out of parchment codex. The central scene is of Entellus and Dares wrestling in the nude; however, in the background, are large vessels weighing anchor. This manuscript is depicting “London Games…
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