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This 1973 illustration by Terry Ball shows what Guildhall would have looked like just after its reconstruction in the fifteenth century.

This image depicts the infamous Tyburn Tree, location of mass executions in the Tudor age. Convicted criminals could be hung from any of the three sides of the triangular structure, allowing multiple hangings simultaneously.

Thirteenth-century detailed drawing of the City of London, as a part of the itinerary to Jerusalem. You can see the Wall in the foreground of the picture.

This particular scene depicts a good samaritan leading an injured traveler to the door of an inn, with the innkeeper seen on the right. Although this is not the Staple Inn, it represents an inn used for housing travelers. This was the primary…

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The Handbook of British Archaeologyillustrates the different types of combs in use during the medieval era. These drawings help provide viewers with a complete image since combs are so rarely found without damage.
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