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Anthropomorphic Jug.jpg
Fig. 5, Pottery face-jug; Kingston-type Ware; miniature anthropomorphic jug; green glaze; bearded face on neck; body has arms with hands touching beard; rod handle

Detail from the Luttrell Psalter, showing a peasant laborer working with leather gloves on (British Library, Add MS 42130, f. 87v)

Map of London c1300.pdf
Fig. 4 - Map of the city of London around the year 1300, with a marker to show where the cistern was found in Bell Alley, Holborn.

Screen Shot 2020-10-17 at 1.39.20 PM.png
Fig 3. Detail of a man using a jug to pour a drink into a drinking horn. From British Library, Cotton MS Julius A VI f. 4v.

Fig. 1. Toy pewter bridge-spouted ewer that is missing its top and connecting pin. This toy is a metallic brown color with the dimensions: H 43 mm; DM (rim) 12 mm; DM (base) 18 mm x 15 mm. From Museum of London 98.2/167 (15th Century).

This aquamanile possibly hails from Lower Saxony and is made of bronze. Aquamaniles were used in both religious and non-religious settings, though this object's original owner is not specified. The knight seen here is wearing some kind of prick spur…

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This illuminated manuscript from Paris (c. 1495-1505) shows, on the bottom lower left, a man kneeling and holding a spoon in his right hand to stir the ingredients in the pot.

diamond pewter spoon.jpg
This English spoon is dated around the fifteenth century. It is 6.4 inches in length and is made of pewter. This spoon has an unidentified marker’s mark on the interior of the fig-shaped bowl, displaying letters inscribed on either side of a crowned…

This is a detail from the illuminated manuscript of The Benediction of St Aethelwold, written by Godeman for St Aethelwold, Bishop of Winchester. The scene depicts St Elizabeth on a couch with the infant John the Baptist behind her in a crib. Beneath…

This is an unfinished money box. It is Surrey white ware, but the green glaze was never added. It has been broken open on the side.
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