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(Fig 4). Detail of horses pulling a cart. From BL MS 42130 f. 173v (1325-1340).

Fig 3 Horse and Farrier.png
(Fig. 3) Detail of a farrier/marshal shoeing a horse. From Bodleian Libarary MS Douce 88 f. 051r (13th century).

Horseshoe Fig. 1.jpg
(Fig. 1) Iron horseshoe from Museum of London (ID 1810), mid-12th-late 13th century.

This aquamanile possibly hails from Lower Saxony and is made of bronze. Aquamaniles were used in both religious and non-religious settings, though this object's original owner is not specified. The knight seen here is wearing some kind of prick spur…

shepherd-c-074-075 (2)_LI.jpg
This map of London shows the city around the year 1300. Many spurriers in the 1300s were located close to the Fleet River, which has been traced in blue. Also circled in blue are the locations of Gayspurlane (between Cripplegate and Moorgate) and…

Chess Piece MET.jpg
This ivory chess piece is an excellent example of the armor used to protect humans and horses after 1350. The knight can also clearly be seen wearing rowel spurs, which by this time, according to Blanche M. A. Ellis and Geoff Egan, had become more…
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