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Anthropomorphic Jug.jpg
Fig. 5, Pottery face-jug; Kingston-type Ware; miniature anthropomorphic jug; green glaze; bearded face on neck; body has arms with hands touching beard; rod handle

Ceramic Cistern.jpg
Fig 1. Coarse Border ware bunghole jug with a thumbed, slightly convex base, simple red paint decoration and green glaze on the upper body. The strap handle has incised and stabbed decoration

Stove Tile.jpg
C. 1500-1525 ceramic stove tile from the Abbey of St. Mary Graces, London, with radial, circular design

money box.jpg
This is a Surrey white ware ceramic box used to hold money. It has a slot to insert coins at the top, and a green glaze common among Surrey pieces.
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