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Winter - tile stove.jpg
A 1531 painting of a winter festival in January celebrated by a wealthy, German household, featured a tile-stove on the left. Painting by Jorg Breu the Elder.

Monk Drinking.jpg
Fig 2. a monk-cellarer tasting wine from a barrel whilst filling a jug. From British Library, Sloane 2435, f.44v.

Ceramic Cistern.jpg
Fig 1. Coarse Border ware bunghole jug with a thumbed, slightly convex base, simple red paint decoration and green glaze on the upper body. The strap handle has incised and stabbed decoration

Screen Shot 2020-11-01 at 2.45.51 PM.png
Fig. 5. Detail of the Hours and Masses of for the Seven Days of the Week illuminated manuscript that depicts the Holy Family, in this case only Mary, in a domestic setting. There are many pewter objects above Mary’s head, one of which is an ewer.…
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