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This copper alloy seal was discovered in the Thames in London. The image on the seal is two birds, most likely cormorants facing each other with their beaks touching and a fleur-de-lys in between the two birds with an inscription in Latin of the seal…

This seal belonged to another woman, perhaps also a business owner. The Imprint Project to trace seal owners through fingerprints shows that she owned several different seals throughout her lifetime. This one happens to be the first one she owned as…

Seal Matrix.jpg
This seal matrix belonged to Margaret, daughter of Alfred in London who may have used it to authenticate her business deals. It is made of lead alloy and is a vesica, the oval shape with pointed ends often used for a woman's personal seal.

This is an unfinished money box. It is Surrey white ware, but the green glaze was never added. It has been broken open on the side.

money box.jpg
This is a Surrey white ware ceramic box used to hold money. It has a slot to insert coins at the top, and a green glaze common among Surrey pieces.

Edward I coin.jpg
The penny is of Edward I’s reign.  On the obverse is the crowned, beardless bust facing, with drapery around the neck.  The reverse is a long cross with three pellets.  

Edward II coin.jpg
This particular coin, found at the Museum of London, depicts the head of Edward II, which appears on the front side of the penny.  A hoard of silver pennies of Edward II were found in Dunfermline in Scotland most likely due to the war that had been…
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