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Composite leather-soled patten and hinged wooden pattens. These pattens are from the late 14th/early 15th century and are made of adler, popler, willow and aspen. From Grew and de Neergaard, Shoes and Pattens.

Pattens at the bedside in a 15th century manuscript page from Tacuinum Sanitatis, a guide to healthy practices for medieval populations (BNF Nouvelle acquisition latine 1673, fol. 90v.

Medieval Dutch Glove.PNG
A nearly-contemporary Dutch workman's glove, showing similar construction, wear, and repairs

glove thumb stitching.jpg
Another angle of the glove at the Museum of London, showing in detail the stitching on the thumb and repairs made to the palm.

Bust Woman.png
Profile of a 15th century woman with a hairpin in the back of her head (Victoria & Albert Museum Collections, Medieval & Renaissance, Room 64, The Wolfson Gallery, case EXP, shelf above, dated 1500).

Court of Love.png
Detail of Lady Jeunesse presenting the author to Lord Bel Accueil and Lady Plaisance and their court. A pin is located on Lady Plaisance’s dress by her shoulder. (British Library Royal MS. 16 F.ii, f. 1r, dated 1483).

A woman.png
A 15th century townswoman with headgear held in place by pins (Robert Campin's A Woman, in the National Gallery, NG653.2, Room 63, dated 1430).

Figure 4: Chef wearing an apron while cooking on a brick fireplace with the use of jugs, pans, and a wooden spoon. From the Household Books of Nurenberg, Mendel 1, Amb. 317.2, f. 142 (1475).

Illustration of a cook named Willhelm cooking on an open fire using jugs and a kettle. Taken from the Household Books of Nuremberg, Mendel I, Amb. 317.2, f. 95r (1475).

A cook is cutting up pork and chicken while wearing an apron and hat while another servant who seems to be under his command prepares the food. Another servant on the right side is also seen preparing drinks for guests. Frm British Library, Add MS…
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