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Court of Love.png
Detail of Lady Jeunesse presenting the author to Lord Bel Accueil and Lady Plaisance and their court. A pin is located on Lady Plaisance’s dress by her shoulder. (British Library Royal MS. 16 F.ii, f. 1r, dated 1483).

collar of esses.jpg
A silver collar (chain) from the mid 15th century, at the Museum of London.


MLOR Reliquary 4.jpg
A thirteenth-century Scottish reliquary pendant, possibly made to be worn by the Bishop of Galloway. The gold mounted wooden cross was believed to be a relic of the True Cross. The domed rock crystal cover magnifies the size of the cross and pearls…

This gold posy ring is inscribed with various phrases. The first phrase, 'UNG TEMPS VIANDRA', meaning 'a time will come', is engraved in French, and is in Roman capitals. The second phrase, 'MON DESIR ME VAILLE', is also engraved in French, and in…

Love Ring.png
A gold posy ring, created to symbolize two intertwined ribbons engraved with design and 'mercy' in black letters. This inscription is repeated five times, and the inside is engravedmon amour.

Richard III.png
This portrait of King Richard III was created in the 16th century, long after his reign, between 1483 and 1485. His grand status is accentuated by his clothing and jewelry. The ring he wears, on the third finger of his left hand, symbolizes love and…

This vellum medieval manuscript dates back to circa 1440 and is believed to have been produced in Belgium, possibly Bruges. It shows a man dressed in traditional pilgrim garb with three seashell shaped badges, associated with the popular shrine of…

This small pilgrim badge, 33mm (1.30in) in height and 15mm (0.59in) in width, is made of lead alloy and dates to the late medieval period. It is a depiction of Saint Barbara holding a tower and a palm frond, the former representing her imprisoned…
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