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MLOR Reliquary 3.jpg
This gilded reliquary casket, dated to the years immediately following St. Thomas Becket's canonization, display a narrative of Becket's life and martyrdom. Reliquaries often were used to assert the sanctity of the saint they were said to contain, as…

MLOR Reliquary Manuscript FINAL.jpg
Thirteenth-century French manuscript illumination from a psalter depicting a reliquary procession. Processions like these were often performed in medieval European towns and villages on the feast days of the saints whose relics were contained in the…

MLOR Reliquary 4.jpg
A thirteenth-century Scottish reliquary pendant, possibly made to be worn by the Bishop of Galloway. The gold mounted wooden cross was believed to be a relic of the True Cross. The domed rock crystal cover magnifies the size of the cross and pearls…
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