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Made in Flanders in the sixteenth century, this tapestry entitledLa Main Chaudefeatures a shepherdess with a double-sided comb hanging from her belt.

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The Handbook of British Archaeologyillustrates the different types of combs in use during the medieval era. These drawings help provide viewers with a complete image since combs are so rarely found without damage.

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This particular comb measures 122 millimeters in length, 42 millimeters in width, and 10 millimeters in diameter. Comprised of bone, the double-sided comb has darkened with age and has a rustic light brown coloring. On the upper side of this comb,…

This image is an illustration titled "St. Liduina of Schiedam Falls on the Ice." It can be noted that the Saint Liduina's ice skates are curved at the end. This curve in the bone may have been an alteration created for the purpose of eliminating the…
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