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Fig. 4 - Manuscript illumination from the Hours of Charles the Noble, King of Navarre of a man playing a lute with a plectrum. c. 1404, i64.40, fol. 322v in the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Fig. 3 - A group of ore smelters and laborers processing silver ore in the town of Kuttenberg. Illumination likely from a choral book from one the churches in the town (1471). Now in the Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region

Fig. 5 - The coat of arms of The Worshipful Company of Musicians, granted in 1604.

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A cordwainer in a workshop surrounded by an assortment of tools such as an awl and a trimming knife. From the Landauer Twelve Brothers Foundation Book of Nuremberg, 1598.

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This map illustrates medieval riverside encroachment on either side of College Hill. The letters represent the time periods in which the encroachment happened. A: a site location in relation to modern streets; B: late tenth century; C: late eleventh…

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A cobbler works on the sole of a shoe in his workshop with an assortment of tools on the table in front of him. From the Landauer I Twelve Brothers Book in Nuremberg, 1525.

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An excavation site map detailing the locations of the recovered stove tiles from St. Mary Graces

Winter - tile stove.jpg
A 1531 painting of a winter festival in January celebrated by a wealthy, German household, featured a tile-stove on the left. Painting by Jorg Breu the Elder.

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Fig. 4 Image depicting a medieval individual holding a bow and arrow from the British Library.

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Fig. 4: This image is a detail of burial ceremony located at a church porch from the Book of Hours. This image highlights the role of the church porch in religious ceremonies. From Pierpont Morgan Library. MS M. 136.
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