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St. Bride's Layout 1.jpg
This sketch illustrates the layout of St. Bride's Church from the saxon and medieval periods. The perspective is aerial, and shows the extensions that were added to the church over time with dotted lines and arrows.

The medieval stone walls of St. Bride's crypt still stand today. The length of the wall along the left side of the crypt survives from the eleventh century, while the back and right-side wall are from the fifteenth century. Today, an exhibition…

St. Bride's Medieval London 1520.jpg
This 1520 map shows the location of St. Bride's Church on the North Bank of the Thames River, just off the edge of the Fleet River. The church is circled in red. The church was a gathering place not only for the parish members to worship, but also…

The stone wall and structures of the crypt shown here are from the eleventh and twelfth centuries. The recessed area, lit up by purple lights in today's viewing, shows Roman pavement from c. 43, which was covered by the saxon and medieval church.…
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