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Map of South London, c. 1520, featuring the Thames River on the bottom left, the Tower in the center, and the Abbey of St. Mary Graces on the far right, outside of the walls

1520 map.jpeg
This is a map of Clerkenwell Priory in 1520. The priory is circled in red.

Final Charterhouse Location.jpg
A map marking the location of the Carthusian monastery at Charterhouse in 1520. This provides a visual understanding of how Charterhouse's location tied in perfectly with its mission. Laying just outside of Cripplegate in the open moor fields to the…

Located at 2 C2 on the 1520 map of London, Gray's Inn can be seen clearly in the district of Holborn.

This is a section of the 1520 map of London. The red box indicates where the cemetery is located. To the east of The Tower, above East Smithfield street, and next to St. Mary Graces, is where the cemetery was built. However, in 1520 it was no…

St. Bride's Medieval London 1520.jpg
This 1520 map shows the location of St. Bride's Church on the North Bank of the Thames River, just off the edge of the Fleet River. The church is circled in red. The church was a gathering place not only for the parish members to worship, but also…

The Staple Inn is located in the top right-hand corner of this map, circled in red.

Lincoln's Inn Map.jpg
This is the 1520 Medieval London map. Starred in red is the location of Lincoln's Inn in 1422.
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