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This image is of the crypt, located underneath the church. It is one of London's few remaining Norman structures.

St. Etheldreda’s Chapel is a one-story Gothic-style Catholic church located in the private road of Ely Place in London. These are the Crypt Doors.

Crypt 1270.png
Of the remaining medieval elements in St. Olave Hart Street Church, the western wall of the crypt is one of the oldest, dating to c. 1270. In 1853, the crypt was filled in when the practice of crypt burial was discontinued by law. However, it was…

The medieval stone walls of St. Bride's crypt still stand today. The length of the wall along the left side of the crypt survives from the eleventh century, while the back and right-side wall are from the fifteenth century. Today, an exhibition…

The stone wall and structures of the crypt shown here are from the eleventh and twelfth centuries. The recessed area, lit up by purple lights in today's viewing, shows Roman pavement from c. 43, which was covered by the saxon and medieval church.…
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