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Lower Portion of Tower.png
This image shows the lower portion of St. Olave's Tower, which was constructed in three stages. The two lower portions were built out of stone in the fifteenth century, and were later resurfaced at the end of the seventeenth century. The top portion…

Crypt 1270.png
Of the remaining medieval elements in St. Olave Hart Street Church, the western wall of the crypt is one of the oldest, dating to c. 1270. In 1853, the crypt was filled in when the practice of crypt burial was discontinued by law. However, it was…

St Olave Map.png
St. Olave Hart Street is located on the corner of Hart Street and Seething Lane (in close proximity to the Tower of London on the map). It is the Ward Church of the Tower Ward in the City of London. It was an eastern suburb of London in the middle…
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