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The illumination corresponds to the poem Pearl, where a poet’s deceased daughter reappears to him in a dream and comforts him in his time of grief. The father and daughter are standing at opposite sides of a river, and are both wearing long robes. At…

Cheapside Map.jpg
This is a map of the current location of Cheapside and the Bow Church, both of which are just east of St. Paul’s Cathedral. This is the supposed original location of the 1883 sewer excavation, where the glass-centered disc brooch was found along with…

In this illuminated manuscript, Henry I sits on his throne mourning the loss of his son. Below him, there is a genealogical table of his children, Matilda and William, along with a sketch of the sinking White Ship. Henry I's blue cloak is fastened…

Original Disc Brooch.jpg
Measuring 24 (0.95 of an inch) millimeters in diameter, this Late Saxon disc brooch is made of tin alloy and glass. Circular in shape, the brooch is set with a hazel/grey glass bead made to imitate a gemstone. Sometimes, these beads still have the…
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