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This is a curved pen made out of bone (most likely goose). It dates to a period between the thirteenth and fifteenth century. It lacks a split nib, which is common in dip pens and quills. It is 121 mm long and nine mm wide.

The illumination corresponds to the poem Pearl, where a poet’s deceased daughter reappears to him in a dream and comforts him in his time of grief. The father and daughter are standing at opposite sides of a river, and are both wearing long robes. At…

In this illuminated manuscript, Henry I sits on his throne mourning the loss of his son. Below him, there is a genealogical table of his children, Matilda and William, along with a sketch of the sinking White Ship. Henry I's blue cloak is fastened…

Rabbit Ringing Church Bells.png
Within a series of images that depict animals playing music at the funeral of Reynard The Fox, this manuscript shows a rabbit ringing church bells. The image supports claims that church bells were rung at funerals in medieval times.

This medieval manuscript shows King Henry III looking at the recently completed bells of Westminster Abbey with slight disdain.

Edward III .jpg
Edward III and Henry, Duke of Lancaster, wearing blue Garter mantles over armor and a surcoat with their coats of arms. In the framed gold tablet each holds is displayed the arms of successors in their Garter stalls.

Sir Luttrell Image 2.png
In this illumination, a knight with the Luttrell arms appears armed on horseback, attended by two women, one of whom is identified as Agnes Sutton.
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