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Staple Inn, the only surviving building of the Inns of Chancery. This was one of the sites where lawyers and law students interacted. Today it is located near Chancery Lane tube station, London.

The Staple Inn is located in the top right-hand corner of this map, circled in red.

The Staple Inn itself is located on the south side of High Holborn Street, WC1 and is a Tudor style building. Today, the Staple Inn consists of two buildings that can be seen on the facade, one being the original building (the five bays on the left)…

Lincoln's Inn Map.jpg
This is the 1520 Medieval London map. Starred in red is the location of Lincoln's Inn in 1422.

This is a picture of the opening brick archway of Lincoln's Inn.

This is a view of Lincoln's Inn Chapel located on the far right and some Old Hall buildings surrounding it.
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