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An illustration of a billman. During the Wars of the Roses, billmen wore plate leg armor and gauntlets with a quilted jack. A dagger served as a sidearm.

Bill (1500-1530) (1).jpg
This bill dated between 1500-1530 was discovered during an inventory of the arsenal of the Tower of London in 1916. One side of the head is engraved with a Roman soldier. The other side is engraved with a Landsknecht mercenary. This indicates that…

This individual seax on display at the Museum of London can actually be categorised as a ‘scramaseax,’ a sub-classification of this Medieval fighting and hunting instrument. Wrought of iron, it stands at 772 mm in length, with 610 mm reserved for the…

This is a broad-bladed Iron sword. It was found in the River Thames, near Brentford.

Depicted in the Psalterium non Feriatum, a group of knights and a king stand with a wide range of scabbards. The king's scabbard appears to be laden in silver, while the knights wield wooden and leather scabbards.

A scabbard contained in the Museum of London collection is composed of leather and exhibits some decoration in the form of simple lines created through impression. Though the scabbard is tattered and worn, it still contains its original wooden…

King Edwards Sword.jpg
This sword is believed to have been owned by Edward III, King of England (alternatively known as Edward of Windsor) sometime during his reign (1312-1377). The sword, studied and analyzed by Dr. Christian Segebade of Idaho State University, was…
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