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The leader of the Peasants' Revolt, Wat Tyler, is depicted here as being stabbed by William Walworth, Mayor of London. Walworth stabbed Tyler with a baselard, and although it is considered a type of dagger, in reality, along with this depiction, it…

This individual seax on display at the Museum of London can actually be categorised as a ‘scramaseax,’ a sub-classification of this Medieval fighting and hunting instrument. Wrought of iron, it stands at 772 mm in length, with 610 mm reserved for the…

This is a broad-bladed Iron sword. It was found in the River Thames, near Brentford.

King Edwards Sword.jpg
This sword is believed to have been owned by Edward III, King of England (alternatively known as Edward of Windsor) sometime during his reign (1312-1377). The sword, studied and analyzed by Dr. Christian Segebade of Idaho State University, was…
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