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This plan of St Helen's Bishopsgate illustrates the division between the two naves in the interior of the building. In addition, the dark diagonal lines indicate where sections of the twelfth-century church still exist. The north wall also includes a…

Here is the tomb of Sir John Crosby Hall, who died in 1476, and his wife, in St Helen's Bishopsgate. This tomb is located on the eastern end of the building where the altar would have been located in the fifteenth century. Sir John was a wealthy…

Here is a photo of St Helen's Bishopsgate as it appears in 2015. The two churches continue to rest alongside each other. The building is largely constructed of reigate stone, and the depressed arches of the windows emphasize the building's Gothic…

On this map of the east side of medieval London in 1270, St Helen’s Bishopsgate is located between Cornhulle and the City Wall.
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