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Chalices were essential to the ecclesiastical functions of the Catholic church in medieval London because they played a vital role in transubstantiation, or the conversion of the Eucharist and communion wine into the body and blood of Jesus. When…

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Lead chalice and paten buried with a priest that was uncovered near St Mary Spital in Spitalfields. Chalice was created specifically for burial, not the performance of Corpus Christi

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This specific medieval chalice was found in London Wall. The chalice dates to the late fifteenth century. The map is of London in 1520, and the red outline marks the London Wall, where the chalice was excavated.

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In the medieval period, the chalice functioned to serve or hold consecrated wine in a church or chapel, for the Christian tradition of communion, or Eucharist, a process during which Christians believed the wine became the blood of Christ. The…
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