Medieval London

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MOL doorframe.jpg
Inner doorframe partition from the St. Ethelburga-the Virgin Church in City of London that was located at the main entrance and affixed to the church’s porch.

This east sheet of the map of London circa 1270 shows the Church (marked with a star).

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Blueprint was created in 1929 by the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments for London, outlining the different additions during each period of construction the church underwent. The location of the church is marked with a star.

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Fig. 4: This image is a detail of burial ceremony located at a church porch from the Book of Hours. This image highlights the role of the church porch in religious ceremonies. From Pierpont Morgan Library. MS M. 136.

MLOR Reliquary Manuscript 2.jpg
This sixteenth-century manuscript illumination depicts a Polish bishop wearing a chest cross that appears similar to a reliquary pendant. Reliquary pendants were often worn by prominent members of the clergy to indicate their high status and…

This picture from the English Heritage Society shows a blacksmith, Hector Cole MBE, forging a spearhead similar to what would have been used during the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. In the video, he explains how the center of the spear is made…

Wooden pattens at the bottom right. "Portrait of a Male Donor," by Petrus Christus, c. 1455

Screen Shot 2020-11-08 at 11.30.05 AM.png
This map illustrates medieval riverside encroachment on either side of College Hill. The letters represent the time periods in which the encroachment happened. A: a site location in relation to modern streets; B: late tenth century; C: late eleventh…

On f. 18v (not pictured) it reads: "A verry tratoroos Worke pretended to bee the answers to Peyres Plowman to the prynted interrogatores of alleageaunce. Butt in treuthe a Waye to instruct papists how to answer tratorooslye & defende the trators for…
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