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Quern Illustration .jpg
Querns and millstones appear frequently in Biblical literature. This image is an illustration of a passage from the Book of Revelation where an angel throws a stone into the sea to symbolize destruction. Medieval sources, such as this manuscript,…

Quern Photo 2.jpg
An up-close view of a quernstone from the Southwark Bridge excavations. The color and texture of the basalt lava is clear here, and rough edges demonstrate that the stone is unfinished. The central hole is where one worker would have poured the grain…

Replica Rotary Quern .jpg
A modern replica of a medieval quernstone, notice the decorations on the stone and the attached handle. Users would turn the handle while feeding grains through the top opening.

A whetstone made of black slate which bears scratch marks from usage. Also worn on one end and bears a hole near the top.

A grey, rectangular whetstone from the early medieval period. This whetstone is well-worn from use and carries a notch near the top for portability.

A worn-out, grey whetstone made of schist. This whetstone was brought by traders to be sold in London markets. It is 145 mm. by 11 mm. and has a hole near the top for carrying around the waist.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.48.11 PM.png
In this image, it shows a shoemaker working with the half-moon knife. In the first portion, it shows the shoemaker in action using it to cut the leather that will be used for the shoes.

This is another example of the half-moon knife that was used specifically to cut leather. It is made from iron, and is used in leather work. It is measured as having a height of 120 mm, and a width of 160 mm.

knife- project.jpg
This Knife which is from the fifteenth century, is referred to as the "half-moon" knife because of its shape. This knife is specifically used by craftsmen who work with leather. As recorded in the Museum of London, this knife has a height of 83 mm,…
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