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In this photo, an individual in the Volunteer Inclusion Project at the London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre prepares to take a picture of a medieval shoe. The leather shoe is a dark brown color. From this angle, the shoe appears to have…

This is a depiction of Thieves Breaking into the Burial Church of St. Edmund from the Life, Passion, and Miracles of St. Edmund. The shoes on the feet of the thieves are simple below-the-ankle shoes with simple decorations, such as the vamp stripe on…

Made in the late fourteenth century, this black leather shoe is 255 millimeters in length, which indicates that it probably belonged to an adult male in medieval London. Because the mouth of the shoes rests below the ankle, this shoe is best-suited…

This grotesque figure is positioned in the upper right margin of a medieval manuscript. The pointed tips of his black shoes would have been highly fashionable in the fourteenth century when the manuscript was made.
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