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Carved Shield coat of arms.jpg
Given this shield's weight and material manufacture, it was likely used for decorative purposes. It could also have been part of a greater stone effigy.In the mid-1800s, when the Guildhall was being reconstructed, this artifact was discovered in the…

Location Carving Found.jpg
This is a 1300 map of London on which I marked, with a red star, the location of the Guildhall, since that is the location in which this stone shield was found.

Guildhall's southern façade as it can be seen today. The entrance was added on by the architect George Dance the Younger in 1788. Medieval masonry is still visibly intact on the walls either side of the grand entrance.

London in 1300.jpg
Guildhall is located in the north-central area of London, next to St. Lawrence Jewry on Catteaton Street (now Gresham Street). Location is marked with a red circle.

This 1973 illustration by Terry Ball shows what Guildhall would have looked like just after its reconstruction in the fifteenth century.

Out of all the windows in the modern great hall of Guildhall, this window is the only one remaining from the original 1411 reconstruction. The glass of this window is glazed, compared to the brightly colored stained glass of the other windows found…
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