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This image of Christine de Pizan presenting her writings to the queen of France also illustrates the style of sleeve that was popular at the time. The queen (in red) and the lady-in-waiting in the green dress both have similar sleeves to the style…

sleeve pic.jpg
(Fig. 4) The people in this illustration, of a significantly higher class than Alisoun, have sleeves to match this class difference. Like Alisoun, their sleeves have a luxurious fur trim, but theirs are much longer, more expensive, and therefore more…

In this photo, an individual in the Volunteer Inclusion Project at the London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre prepares to take a picture of a medieval shoe. The leather shoe is a dark brown color. From this angle, the shoe appears to have…

This is a baselard, which is a type of dagger with a long, swordlike blade. This baselard has a 650 mm long blade made of iron, a 132 mm long and 108 mm wide wooden hilt, and is 782 mm long overall.

Bone Pin.jpg
A straight bone pin from the 15th century with a head in the form of a diamond knop and no flanges (grooves), probably used to fasten clothing (Museum of London Collections, ID 16993, dated 15th century).

Illustration of a cook named Willhelm cooking on an open fire using jugs and a kettle. Taken from the Household Books of Nuremberg, Mendel I, Amb. 317.2, f. 95r (1475).

armor chain mail.jpg
This particular piece of chain mail is 900mm in length by 600mm in width, weighing approximately 14kg. The mail composes a shirt with sleeves that extend about halfway down the forearm and slightly below the torso.

chain mail bronze.jpg
This particular piece of chain mail is 270mm in length by 300mm in width. The mail composes a surface with six points. While a few of the edges use bronze rings, the rest of the fabric is composed of iron and copper alloy.

Figure 4: Chef wearing an apron while cooking on a brick fireplace with the use of jugs, pans, and a wooden spoon. From the Household Books of Nurenberg, Mendel 1, Amb. 317.2, f. 142 (1475).

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 1.07.50 PM.png
This particular comb measures 122 millimeters in length, 42 millimeters in width, and 10 millimeters in diameter. Comprised of bone, the double-sided comb has darkened with age and has a rustic light brown coloring. On the upper side of this comb,…
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