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In this photo, an individual in the Volunteer Inclusion Project at the London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre prepares to take a picture of a medieval shoe. The leather shoe is a dark brown color. From this angle, the shoe appears to have…

Medieval Dutch Glove.PNG
A nearly-contemporary Dutch workman's glove, showing similar construction, wear, and repairs

Richard III.png
This portrait of King Richard III was created in the 16th century, long after his reign, between 1483 and 1485. His grand status is accentuated by his clothing and jewelry. The ring he wears, on the third finger of his left hand, symbolizes love and…

Portrait of Margaret van Eyck is by Jan van Eyck. It is 41.2cm x 34.6cm. This painting depicts his wife wearing a headdress. The artwork is said to be an intimate piece, and meant for private viewing instead of public.

Mark spectacles .jpg
This picture comes from the manuscripts of the British Library. It is a detailed miniature depicting Mark the evangelist using spectacles to read a book. The spectacles Mark has in the picture are ones that need to be held to use. The miniature is of…

sleeve pic.jpg
(Fig. 4) The people in this illustration, of a significantly higher class than Alisoun, have sleeves to match this class difference. Like Alisoun, their sleeves have a luxurious fur trim, but theirs are much longer, more expensive, and therefore more…

Original Disc Brooch.jpg
Measuring 24 (0.95 of an inch) millimeters in diameter, this Late Saxon disc brooch is made of tin alloy and glass. Circular in shape, the brooch is set with a hazel/grey glass bead made to imitate a gemstone. Sometimes, these beads still have the…

In this illuminated manuscript, Henry I sits on his throne mourning the loss of his son. Below him, there is a genealogical table of his children, Matilda and William, along with a sketch of the sinking White Ship. Henry I's blue cloak is fastened…

bone ice skates.jpg
This bone ice skate image is of an artifact that can be viewed at the Museum of London Archives. This medieval bone ice skate is of a beige/light-brown color, and is oblong and thin in size and shape. From the curved point at the end of the bone, it…

A woman.png
A 15th century townswoman with headgear held in place by pins (Robert Campin's A Woman, in the National Gallery, NG653.2, Room 63, dated 1430).
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