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Portrait of Margaret van Eyck is by Jan van Eyck. It is 41.2cm x 34.6cm. This painting depicts his wife wearing a headdress. The artwork is said to be an intimate piece, and meant for private viewing instead of public.

This piece depicts Mary Magdalen reading the Bible. Her headdress and clothing choices represent her wealth and the wooden keyboard shows the wealth of the family.

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This particular comb measures 122 millimeters in length, 42 millimeters in width, and 10 millimeters in diameter. Comprised of bone, the double-sided comb has darkened with age and has a rustic light brown coloring. On the upper side of this comb,…

Mark spectacles .jpg
This picture comes from the manuscripts of the British Library. It is a detailed miniature depicting Mark the evangelist using spectacles to read a book. The spectacles Mark has in the picture are ones that need to be held to use. The miniature is of…

In this photo, an individual in the Volunteer Inclusion Project at the London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre prepares to take a picture of a medieval shoe. The leather shoe is a dark brown color. From this angle, the shoe appears to have…

This grotesque figure is positioned in the upper right margin of a medieval manuscript. The pointed tips of his black shoes would have been highly fashionable in the fourteenth century when the manuscript was made.

Spectacles mini france.jpg
This picture comes from the manuscripts of the British Library. It is a miniature portraying singing monks at the beginning of the “Office of the Dead.” The celebrant in the miniature, wearing the black robe, is wearing spectacles very similar to the…

This is a depiction of Thieves Breaking into the Burial Church of St. Edmund from the Life, Passion, and Miracles of St. Edmund. The shoes on the feet of the thieves are simple below-the-ankle shoes with simple decorations, such as the vamp stripe on…

Made in the late fourteenth century, this black leather shoe is 255 millimeters in length, which indicates that it probably belonged to an adult male in medieval London. Because the mouth of the shoes rests below the ankle, this shoe is best-suited…

spectacles museum of london.jpg
This image is of the spectacles on display at the Museum of London. With brown and beige coloring, these bone-framed lenses are most likely from the metacarpal bone of a bull. Although not currently on the spectacles, theses glasses originally had…
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