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Winchester Palace Reconstruction.gif
This is the reconstructed floor plan of the medieval Winchester Palace. Seen in the drawing are the various medievalgardens, courtyards, galleries, and buildings. Not clearly marked on the plan is the west wall with its famous rose window, which…

St. Bride's Layout 1.jpg
This sketch illustrates the layout of St. Bride's Church from the saxon and medieval periods. The perspective is aerial, and shows the extensions that were added to the church over time with dotted lines and arrows.

This plan was drawn in 1617, apparently from material dated seventy years older. In architectural detail, it depicts the gardens in the northeast corner, as well as the plan of the Newgate and Shambles market.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 4.38.51 PM.png
Reconstruction of what the market arcade and granary probably looked like in the middle ages.

This plan of St Helen's Bishopsgate illustrates the division between the two naves in the interior of the building. In addition, the dark diagonal lines indicate where sections of the twelfth-century church still exist. The north wall also includes a…
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