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Winchester Palace was constructed on the relatively undeveloped southern bank of the Thames, otherwise known as the Borough of Southwark. Its medieval remains now serve as a popular tourist site in a now well-developed area at the foot of the London…

London in 1300.jpg
The perimeter of the London Wall is indicated by the black border, encircling the City of London.

St Olave Map.png
St. Olave Hart Street is located on the corner of Hart Street and Seething Lane (in close proximity to the Tower of London on the map). It is the Ward Church of the Tower Ward in the City of London. It was an eastern suburb of London in the middle…

London in 1300.jpg
Guildhall is located in the north-central area of London, next to St. Lawrence Jewry on Catteaton Street (now Gresham Street). Location is marked with a red circle.

London in 1300.jpg
This is a map of the City of London in 1300. This map demonstrates that the Walbrook begins a bit before Moorfields, extends throughout the middle of the City, and empties into the River Thames at Dowgate.

Circled in red is Southwark Cathedral (St Mary Overie) as where it was located c. 1300. Currently, Southwark Cathedral is in the same location.

London in 1300.jpg
The Palace of Westminster can be seen in the lower left corner of this map. The Jewel Tower's location is marked with a red star.

London general map.jpg
This is a map of London circa 1300. Moorgate can be seen north of the Thames, under Moorfields.

London in 1300.jpg
Newgate and Newgate Street can be seen in the western section.
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