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Made in Flanders in the sixteenth century, this tapestry entitledLa Main Chaudefeatures a shepherdess with a double-sided comb hanging from her belt.

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The Handbook of British Archaeologyillustrates the different types of combs in use during the medieval era. These drawings help provide viewers with a complete image since combs are so rarely found without damage.

A stylus is a slender, tapered utensil used for writing on wax-coated wooden tablets.This particular stylus is made of bone and is missing its metal inset tip. The top of the stylus is spherical, used as a way to "erase" writing in the wax. This…

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This particular comb measures 122 millimeters in length, 42 millimeters in width, and 10 millimeters in diameter. Comprised of bone, the double-sided comb has darkened with age and has a rustic light brown coloring. On the upper side of this comb,…

This is the leg of a cauldron retrieved from the Greater London area in 2009. This particular fragment was retrieved from a cauldron that was originally made of copper alloy, rather than ceramic. This cauldron fragment is an example of a cauldron…

This cauldron from the late medieval period measures 160 millimeters in height, 180 millimeters wide, and has a diameter of 145 millimeters. It is made of ceramic and earthenware (a porous type of pottery). The cauldron’s light beige coloring…

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This is a Surrey white ware ceramic box used to hold money. It has a slot to insert coins at the top, and a green glaze common among Surrey pieces.

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A broken drinking horn made out of Kingston-type ceramic. Dating from the 14th century, it measures 104 millimeters high (about 4.09 inches), 100 millimeters wide (about 3.94 inches), and 190 millimeters long (about 7.48 inches). It is decorated with…

An image of Little Thetford flesh-hook, the first flesh-hook found in England. Made of bronze and wood. The hooked part length is approximately 30 cm and the butt end length is about 15 cm.

Medieval, iron flesh-hook measuring approximately 430 mm in length and 40 mm in width. Used for grabbing meat out of boiling cauldrons.
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