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Winchester Palace, located in present-day Southwark about 250 meters west of the London Bridge, served as the London residence of the Bishops of Winchester during the Middle Ages.While the west wall remains standing, the other three stone walls were…

Winchester Palace, Ruins.gif
Pictured here is an image of the Winchester Palace ruins after the fire of 1814. The fire revealed many medieval remains of the palace that were hidden during industrialization in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This fire set aprecedent for…

This is a map of the Newgate area around the year 1270. St. Sepulchre without Newgate church is circled in red.

This is the tower and main entrance of St. Sepulchre without Newgate church. It is the remaining medieval part of the structure.

The fifteenth-century baptismal font and the timber roof of St. Mildred's Church in Canterbury.

front chancel.png
The stone wall shown here was apart of the original medieval construction of St. Giles' Cripplegate. Dating back to the fourteenth century, this wall is considered to be a part of the last medieval remains of the original parish. This part of the…

St. Etheldreda’s Chapel is a one-story Gothic-style Catholic church located in the private road of Ely Place in London. This is the East Window of the church.

St. Bride's Medieval London 1520.jpg
This 1520 map shows the location of St. Bride's Church on the North Bank of the Thames River, just off the edge of the Fleet River. The church is circled in red. The church was a gathering place not only for the parish members to worship, but also…

The stone wall and structures of the crypt shown here are from the eleventh and twelfth centuries. The recessed area, lit up by purple lights in today's viewing, shows Roman pavement from c. 43, which was covered by the saxon and medieval church.…
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