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The Restored Ludgate Blackfriars Friary, built in 1672

A layout of the original Ludgate Blackfriars, before the dissolution in 1538.

This image displays a labeled map of the Ludgate Blackfriars, along with several other surrounding establishments.

Pictures of the students while on a guided tour of Canterbury Cathedral.

Walking tour with historian Sheila Sweetinburgh.

Charterhouse Gate & Wall.jpg
This photo captures the original fourteenth century wall at the center of the frame and monastic gate at the far left. The wall was constructed out of flint and part of its eastern front was knocked down to make room for the Tudor era mansion's…

St. Mary-le-Bow .JPG
The street is lined with luxury clothing stores, commercial banks, food outlets, and even an eight-floor mall complex, complete with restaurants, cafes, and high-end retail stores. On the left side of the picture is St. Mary-le-Bow church, which…

1520 map.jpeg
This is a map of Clerkenwell Priory in 1520. The priory is circled in red.

This image is of the crypt, located underneath the church. It is one of London's few remaining Norman structures.

This is St John's Gate that was located at the monastery. It went through several owners after Henry VIII's Dissolution.
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