Medieval London

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MS HUnter 110 Alembic.jpg
These MS folios show fourteenth-century drawings of furnaces and, on f. 28r, a still with a cone-shaped alembic. These drawings appear in a book about alchemy.

This particular cooking pot was produced sometime in the Saxo-Norman period; that is, between the middle of the eleventh to the middle of the twelfth centuries. This pot is ceramic, 80 mm (about 3.15 in.) in height, 123 mm (about 4.84 in.) in…

Carved Shield coat of arms.jpg
Given this shield's weight and material manufacture, it was likely used for decorative purposes. It could also have been part of a greater stone effigy.In the mid-1800s, when the Guildhall was being reconstructed, this artifact was discovered in the…

Edward II coin.jpg
This particular coin, found at the Museum of London, depicts the head of Edward II, which appears on the front side of the penny.  A hoard of silver pennies of Edward II were found in Dunfermline in Scotland most likely due to the war that had been…

This particular cooking pot is made of copper alloy and was excavated in London. Because this cooking pot is made of metal, it was most likely only used by the wealthy. The three legs allowed for the pot to be placed directly over the open fire.

Edward I coin.jpg
The penny is of Edward I’s reign.  On the obverse is the crowned, beardless bust facing, with drapery around the neck.  The reverse is a long cross with three pellets.  

Location Carving Found.jpg
This is a 1300 map of London on which I marked, with a red star, the location of the Guildhall, since that is the location in which this stone shield was found.

This particular scene displays communal dining in the medieval period. Multiple cooking pots were used to in order to serve larger groups of people. The cooking areas in houses were also many times in the same rooms in which people did other…

Sir Luttrell Image 2.png
In this illumination, a knight with the Luttrell arms appears armed on horseback, attended by two women, one of whom is identified as Agnes Sutton.

This MS depicts a man warming his feet over the open fire. What seems to be a metal cooking pot hangs over the fire. It is right to assume that the woman of the household had started the fire prior to the man returning home.
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