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A worn-out, grey whetstone made of schist. This whetstone was brought by traders to be sold in London markets. It is 145 mm. by 11 mm. and has a hole near the top for carrying around the waist.

Women at the Quern - Pennant .jpg
This eighteenth-century drawing depicts two women using a quern in the same way that medieval communities would have. One turns the upper stone using the handle while the other pours in the grain.

shearing 9.jpg
A woman shearing a sheep. From British Library, Harley 1892 f. 27v (c. 1475-1525)

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BNF 18145.jpg
This medieval illumination associates women with keys (Alain Chartier's Le Breviare des nobles ,BNF MS 18145 f. 94 r).

Medieval Boot.jpg
Manuscript illumination of a woman having her black boots removed by a man. BL, Royal 10 E IV f. 146v

Winchester Palace was constructed on the relatively undeveloped southern bank of the Thames, otherwise known as the Borough of Southwark. Its medieval remains now serve as a popular tourist site in a now well-developed area at the foot of the London…

Winchester Palace, located in present-day Southwark about 250 meters west of the London Bridge, served as the London residence of the Bishops of Winchester during the Middle Ages.While the west wall remains standing, the other three stone walls were…

Winchester Palace, Ruins.gif
Pictured here is an image of the Winchester Palace ruins after the fire of 1814. The fire revealed many medieval remains of the palace that were hidden during industrialization in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This fire set aprecedent for…

Winchester Palace Reconstruction.gif
This is the reconstructed floor plan of the medieval Winchester Palace. Seen in the drawing are the various medievalgardens, courtyards, galleries, and buildings. Not clearly marked on the plan is the west wall with its famous rose window, which…

This is a close-up of the hammer-beam roof, constructed by Hugh Herland in the late fourteenth century. The beams and the roof itself weigh a collective 836 tons, with the timbers of the beams weighing 660 tons. Featured in this image are the arches…
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