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This map illustrates medieval riverside encroachment on either side of College Hill. The letters represent the time periods in which the encroachment happened. A: a site location in relation to modern streets; B: late tenth century; C: late eleventh…

On f. 18v (not pictured) it reads: "A verry tratoroos Worke pretended to bee the answers to Peyres Plowman to the prynted interrogatores of alleageaunce. Butt in treuthe a Waye to instruct papists how to answer tratorooslye & defende the trators for…

This stained glass was originally found at Westminster Abbey. It is a main-light panel possibly depicting a saint being stoned.

In this photo, an individual in the Volunteer Inclusion Project at the London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre prepares to take a picture of a medieval shoe. The leather shoe is a dark brown color. From this angle, the shoe appears to have…

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A Tailor, dressed in an orange surcoat, using shears to cut out and shape a coat. From the Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary, British Library, MS Harley 6563, f. 65.

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A tailor working with a woman to tailor her gown. A pair of shears is on the table in front of him, which is often used in the tailoring process.

St Mary Spital and the surrounding area of Sptialfields as per the Civitas Londinium. (Extract from Agas's map showing site of St. Mary Spital and the Old Artillery Ground, c. 1560–70)

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The Hoop & Grape pub on Aldgate High Street is one of the only remaining medieval buildings. Its outside has jetties, which is the slight protrusion of the second floor, which is characteristic of medieval building style. The building also has a…

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This map was produced in 1633, and it shows what London looked like in the 1560s. Aldgate High Street would have led from below the gate and through.

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An alembic was an apparatus, usually made of two vessels connected by a tube, which was used for the distillation of various substances, mostly liquids. The word alembic can be used to describe both the entire apparatus and part of the apparatus in…
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