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Canterbury: Field Trip


City of Canterbury, Canterbury Cathedral


On Friday, April 17, 2015, the students traveled further afield to the great medieval city of Canterbury, which is the episcopal seat of the Primate of England, or the Archbishop of Canterbury. Medieval Canterbury is not only famous because it was the destination of Chaucer's London pilgrims in The Canterbury Tales, but also because of its connection to Londoner St Thomas Becket. The students took a guided tour of Canterbury Cathedral, where Becket was martyred, and a walking tour of the city with historian Sheila Sweetinburgh.


Esther Cuenca


Field Trip: April 17, 2015
Canterbury Cathedral: c. 597 - present
Canterbury: 1st century C.E. - present


Esther Cuenca, Maryanne Kowaleski, Sheila Sweetinburgh

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Canterbury Cathedral (field trip pictures)
Pictures of the students while on a guided tour of Canterbury Cathedral.

Canterbury Walking Tour (field trip pictures)
Walking tour with historian Sheila Sweetinburgh.

St. Mildred's Church, Canterbury (interior)
The fifteenth-century baptismal font and the timber roof of St. Mildred's Church in Canterbury.
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