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Lute Pendant




Pewter lute pendant


Mid 15th - early 16th century


Avery Flamand-Browne

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Lute pendant
Fig. 1 - A small pewter pendant in the shape of a lute.

Lute pendant reverse
Fig. 2 - The reverse side of the pendant.

The Worshipful Company of Musicians Crest
Fig. 5 - The coat of arms of The Worshipful Company of Musicians, granted in 1604.

Silver ore smelters from the Kutná Hora
Fig. 3 - A group of ore smelters and laborers processing silver ore in the town of Kuttenberg. Illumination likely from a choral book from one the churches in the town (1471). Now in the Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region

Manuscript Illumination of a lute player
Fig. 4 - Manuscript illumination from the Hours of Charles the Noble, King of Navarre of a man playing a lute with a plectrum. c. 1404, i64.40, fol. 322v in the Cleveland Museum of Art.
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