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Cook's Apron

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Cook's Apron


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The apron worn by the Cook in the Prologue to Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales


Late Medieval(1300 - 1485)


Alec Warnock

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Cook from The Canterbury Tales
This illustration depicts the cook in the Prologue of Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales riding on a horse while holding a meat hook. From the Huntington Library, EL 26 C 9, f. 47r (the Ellesmere Chaucer)

Cook working in a kitchen.
A cook is cutting up pork and chicken while wearing an apron and hat while another servant who seems to be under his command prepares the food. Another servant on the right side is also seen preparing drinks for guests. Frm British Library, Add MS…

Brother Willhelm cooking
Illustration of a cook named Willhelm cooking on an open fire using jugs and a kettle. Taken from the Household Books of Nuremberg, Mendel I, Amb. 317.2, f. 95r (1475).

Chef cooking
Figure 4: Chef wearing an apron while cooking on a brick fireplace with the use of jugs, pans, and a wooden spoon. From the Household Books of Nurenberg, Mendel 1, Amb. 317.2, f. 142 (1475).

Cooks roasting meat.
Two people cooking meat on a rotating skewer over a large fire. From British Library, Add Ms 42130 , f. 206v (the Luttrell Psalter).
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