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Toy Ewer


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Fig 1. Pewter Toy Ewer. From MOL 98.2/167 (15th Century).


Late Medieval (1300-1485)


Gabriella Langella


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Toy Ewer
Fig. 1. Toy pewter bridge-spouted ewer that is missing its top and connecting pin. This toy is a metallic brown color with the dimensions: H 43 mm; DM (rim) 12 mm; DM (base) 18 mm x 15 mm. From Museum of London 98.2/167 (15th Century).

Book of Hours fragment depicting the life of St. Margaret
Fig. 2. Detail fron a Book of Hours that depicts a man at an altar holding an ewer. From a Depiction of the Life of St Margaret, fragment in the Morgan Library, MS M.754 fol. 33v (between 1320 and 1329).

Holy Family at Work
Fig. 5. Detail of the Hours and Masses of for the Seven Days of the Week illuminated manuscript that depicts the Holy Family, in this case only Mary, in a domestic setting. There are many pewter objects above Mary’s head, one of which is an ewer.…

Toy Knight
Fig. 3. A seemingly mass produced pewter toy depicting a knight on horseback. From Museum of London 98.2/404 (c. 1300).

Luttrell Psalter
Fig. 4 Image depicting a medieval individual holding a bow and arrow from the British Library.
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