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Wood patten with leather hinge


Late Medieval (1300-1485)


Samuel Johnsen

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Late medieval patten, probably for the right foot of an adult. From the Museum of London.

The Arnolfini Portrait
A pair of wooden pattens is at the bottom right of the "Arnolfini Portrait" painted by Jan van Eyck in Bruges, 1434. In the National Gallery of Art, London.

A Donator
Wooden pattens at the bottom right. "Portrait of a Male Donor," by Petrus Christus, c. 1455

Difficulties with sleep
Pattens at the bedside in a 15th century manuscript page from Tacuinum Sanitatis, a guide to healthy practices for medieval populations (BNF Nouvelle acquisition latine 1673, fol. 90v.

Three pattens made of wood, leather and iron.
Composite leather-soled patten and hinged wooden pattens. These pattens are from the late 14th/early 15th century and are made of adler, popler, willow and aspen. From Grew and de Neergaard, Shoes and Pattens.
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