Medieval London

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Westminster Abbey

Westmin Abb on Lond map archive size.jpg

Benedictine monks arrived at Westminster in c. 960, but the building complex seen today dates primarily from the thirteenth century, when King Henry…

Contributors: M. Kowaleski



Derived from the Greek word chrisma, meaning “anoint,” the same root word for Christós (or “anointed one”), the chrismatory was a receptacle…

Contributors: Esther Cuenca


MS HUnter 110 Alembic.jpg

An alembic was an apparatus, usually made of two vessels connected by a tube, which was used for the distillation of various substances, mostly…

Contributors: Esther Cuenca

Cooking Pot


The cooking pot is an object that has stood the test of time. People all over the world have used it for thousands of years. A cooking pot is a pot…

Contributors: Emma Fetonti

Carved Shield of the Arms of England and France

Carved Shield coat of arms.jpg

Heraldry is the identification of a particular person or group by a coat of arms, which began to develop around the twelfth century. These identifiers…

Contributors: Tessa Bloechl

Coin: Penny

Edward I coin.jpg

The coin as we know it today is very different than that of which was used in the Middle Ages.  When the use of coinage came into practice, it was…

Contributors: Kimberly Fonseca



The rosary is perhaps the most popular arrangement of prayers in the non-liturgical Latin Rite. While the evolution of the rosary can be traced back…

Contributors: Marina Elgawly



Archaeologists have uncovered many fragments of medieval pottery, especially from the Thames waterfront. The fragments have dated as far back as the…

Contributors: Laura Harold

Flesh Hook


A culinary utensil used throughout medieval London was an iron flesh hook, also referred to as harpago. There are two main types of flesh hooks that…

Contributors: Emily Johnson

Drinking Horn

drinking horn 2.jpg

The drinking horn was a vessel from which wine or ale was drunk, just as its name suggests. Drinking horns have been traced back to several ancient…

Contributors: Lorraine de Silva

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