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Aldgate High Street

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Once the route to one of the six original gates of the Wall of London, Aldgate High Street has an important place in medieval London's history.…

Contributors: Katie Wilkie


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An alembic was an apparatus, usually made of two vessels connected by a tube, which was used for the distillation of various substances, mostly…

Contributors: Esther Cuenca


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During the twelfth through fourteenth centuries, pilgrims were likely to purchase an ampulla, a type of container filled with holy water or oil. These…

Contributors: Nick DeBellis


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The word “anchor” derives from the Latin word ancora, originating from the Greek term ἄγκυρα (ankura). As…

Contributors: Alyssa Hustis

Archaeological Data Service: Field Trip

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On Tuesday, January 20, the class took a guided tour of the Museum of London's Archaeological Data Service, in order to give them a familiarity with…

Contributors: Esther Cuenca



Daggers were common in medieval London, and this particular dagger is known as a baselard. The baselard is known for its long blade, comparable to…

Contributors: Samantha Tan



This particular battle-axe displayed at the museum of London is 225 millimeters high and the blade is 240 millimeters long. The center of the object…

Contributors: Ashley Schilling



Originally an agricultural tool, the English billhook or bill for short, was used as melee weapon for English soldiers during the late medieval…

Contributors: David Wheeler



Blackfriars, located in the southwest corner of central London, originated as a Dominican friary founded in the year 1278. The name Blackfriars comes…

Contributors: Sarah Burns

Bone pen

Pens were incredibly important for the process of creating books and illuminations in the medieval era because the strenuous process of creating a…

Contributors: Selin Berberoglu

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