Medieval London

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Moorgate, now a street and area of London, takes its name from one of the medieval gates of the city. The name originates from one of the seven gates…

Contributors: Victoria Von Ancken

Aldgate High Street

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Once the route to one of the six original gates of the Wall of London, Aldgate High Street has an important place in medieval London's history.…

Contributors: Katie Wilkie

Jewel Tower

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Jewel Tower stands today behind Westminster Abbey and represents one of the few lasting remnants of Westminster Palace. It is a three-storied,…

Contributors: Allison Sadlier

Westminster Hall


Westminster Hall had a large presence in medieval London, both figuratively and literally. Throughout the entirety of the Middle Ages, Westminster…

Contributors: Samantha Tan

St. Mary Spital Cemetery


The cemetery at St Mary Spital is responsible for providing some of the most significant bioarchaeological insights about health in medieval London,…

Contributors: Jonathan Milohnić



The Walbrook, once bustling river in medieval London, takes its name from the Old English wala, meaning “of the Welsh,” and broc meaning…

Contributors: Anisha Mirchandani

St. Sepulchre without Newgate Church


St. Sepulchre without Newgate is located near Old Bailey, and during the medieval period, this site was just outside of the Newgate entrance leading…

Contributors: Kirsten Simons


Charterhouse Gate & Wall.jpg

Charterhouse is the English term for a Carthusian monastery; along with the name of the Carthusian order, the term originates from the Chartreuse…

Contributors: Joe O'Brien

River Fleet


The River Fleet has been a significant part of London’s history and development throughout the past two millennia, from the city’s start…

Contributors: M. Conner McCallum

Leadenhall Market

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Leadenhall Market is situated near the Financial District of London between Gracechurch Street, Frenchchurch Street, and Cullum Street. It is located…

Contributors: Mary-Kate Rame

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