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Cannon Street


Cannon Street is a road in the central city of London, home to the medieval London Stone. The London Stone is a set into an alcove behind a grille on…

Contributors: Casey Mruk

Canterbury: Field Trip


On Friday, April 17, 2015, the students traveled further afield to the great medieval city of Canterbury, which is the episcopal seat of the Primate…

Contributors: Esther Cuenca, Maryanne Kowaleski, Sheila Sweetinburgh

Carved Shield of the Arms of England and France

Carved Shield coat of arms.jpg

Heraldry is the identification of a particular person or group by a coat of arms, which began to develop around the twelfth century. These identifiers…

Contributors: Tessa Bloechl



From Latin origin, the term cauldron is derived from caldrius, meaning “hot.” This word provided the root meaning for caldarium, a…

Contributors: Anisha Mirchandani

Chain Mail

chain mail bronze.jpg

Chain mail was a prominent piece of armor during the Middle Ages between the fifth and sixteenth centuries. European mail was generally manufactured…

Contributors: Danny Lee


london wall 1520 small.jpg

In medieval London, the chalice was a significant part of ecclesiastical life. It functioned to serve or hold consecrated wine in a church or chapel…

Contributors: Lauren Lopez


Charterhouse Gate & Wall.jpg

Charterhouse is the English term for a Carthusian monastery; along with the name of the Carthusian order, the term originates from the Chartreuse…

Contributors: Joe O'Brien


medieval cheapside map.png

Cheapside, also referred to as West Cheap, was a street and market dating back to the late ninth century. It was one of two great markets that may…

Contributors: Daniel Lee



Derived from the Greek word chrisma, meaning “anoint,” the same root word for Christós (or “anointed one”), the chrismatory was a receptacle…

Contributors: Esther Cuenca

Church Bell


Bells have been used since the Middle Ages for religious and secular reasons. The word “bell” is derived from the Latin word balare, meaning…

Contributors: Suzanne Forlenza

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