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Carved Shield of the Arms of England and France

Carved Shield coat of arms.jpg

Heraldry is the identification of a particular person or group by a coat of arms, which began to develop around the twelfth century. These identifiers…

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From Latin origin, the term cauldron is derived from caldrius, meaning “hot.” This word provided the root meaning for caldarium, a…

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Chain Mail

chain mail bronze.jpg

Chain mail was a prominent piece of armor during the Middle Ages between the fifth and sixteenth centuries. European mail was generally manufactured…

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london wall 1520 small.jpg

In medieval London, the chalice was a significant part of ecclesiastical life. It functioned to serve or hold consecrated wine in a church or chapel…

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Charterhouse Gate & Wall.jpg

Charterhouse is the English term for a Carthusian monastery; along with the name of the Carthusian order, the term originates from the Chartreuse…

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medieval cheapside map.png

Cheapside, also referred to as West Cheap, was a street and market dating back to the late ninth century. It was one of two great markets that may…

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Derived from the Greek word chrisma, meaning “anoint,” the same root word for Christós (or “anointed one”), the chrismatory was a receptacle…

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Church Bell


Bells have been used since the Middle Ages for religious and secular reasons. The word “bell” is derived from the Latin word balare, meaning…

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Clerkenwell Priory

1520 map.jpeg

The Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem was set up in Clerkenwell in 1144. The Hospital of St John of Jerusalem existed in 1099 when the…

Contributors: Ashley Schilling

Coin: Penny

Edward I coin.jpg

The coin as we know it today is very different than that of which was used in the Middle Ages.  When the use of coinage came into practice, it was…

Contributors: Kimberly Fonseca

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